Top 16 Famous Motivational Speakers in Pakistan 2024

In today’s busy world, keeping yourself excited and achieving all you can seem tough, like climbing a hill. Motivational speakers act as beacons of inspiration and guidance. In today’s article, we’ve ranked the top motivational speakers in Pakistan based on popularity.

Who is a Motivational Speaker?

A motivational speaker is not just a speaker but a catalyst for change. They use their knowledge, experience, and charisma to ignite a spark within others, empowering them to transform their lives. By talking and conducting workshops, they give people the tools they need to beat problems and reach their aims, making them feel inspired and hopeful.

What Does a Motivational Speaker Speak About?

Motivational speeches can cover a wide range of topics, but some of the most common themes include:

  • Personal development: Setting goals, overcoming challenges, building self-confidence, and developing a positive mindset.
  • Leadership:  Effective communication, teamwork, and inspiring others.
  • Business success: Building a successful career, entrepreneurship, and achieving financial goals.
  • Work-life balance: Managing stress, maintaining good health, and achieving overall well-being.

What Does a Motivational Speaker Do?

Beyond delivering speeches, motivational speakers may also:

  • Conduct workshops and training sessions.
  • Offer individual coaching and mentoring.
  • Write books and articles on personal development and motivation.
  • Host online courses and webinars.

Targeted Goals of Motivational Speakers

Motivational speakers are not just speakers but empathetic guides who understand the unique challenges and aspirations of their audience. They tailor their message to resonate with specific groups, such as students, entrepreneurs, professionals, or athletes, creating a personal connection that makes each feel understood and valued.

Top 16 Famous Motivational Speakers in Pakistan

Pakistan boasts a vibrant community of motivational speakers who are making a difference in people’s lives. Here are the top motivational speakers in Pakistan based on popularity.

1. Qasim Ali Shah

Qasim Ali Shah is a motivational speaker, author, teacher, and corporate trainer from Pakistan. He’s known for his inspiring talks and writings that help people find their way to success. Shah’s messages often center around personal growth, leadership, and achieving goals. He aims to motivate people to overcome challenges and strive for a better life. Shah is the Founder and CEO of the Qasim Ali Shah Foundation. He trains people to live their best lives with the help of different speeches and experiences to spread positivity and optimism in society.

X (Twitter): 34.9+K Followers
Facebook: 5.7+M Followers
YouTube: 3.75+M Subscribers

2. Muniba Mazari

Muniba Mazari, a Pakistani social activist and motivational speaker, is a living testament to the power of determination and strength. Despite physical challenges, she has inspired many through her work as an anchor, singer, musician, and YouTuber, amassing a large social media following. Her influence extends beyond her speeches, as she deeply impacts others through her experiences and actions.

She’s a highly influential motivational speaker in Pakistan. Her personality exudes strength, resilience, and grace, and she impacts others deeply through her experiences, actions, and speeches.

X (Twitter): 308.3+K Followers
Facebook: 2.6+M Followers
YouTube: 1.2+M Subscribers

3. Dr. Javed Iqbal

Dr. Javed Iqbal, a motivational speaker and educator, motivates people to keep learning and improving themselves throughout their lives. His inspiring videos on TikTok and his widely known book, ‘Operative Surgery,’ have garnered him a large following on social media. Dr. Iqbal’s valuable insights on medical education and other important topics shared on television programs have benefited millions of viewers, demonstrating his commitment to spreading knowledge and motivation.

X (Twitter): 122.2+K Followers
Facebook: 2.6+M Followers
YouTube: 1.9+M Subscribers

4. Hammad Safi

Hammad Safi, known as the ‘Nanha Professor’ in Pakistan, is the country’s youngest motivational speaker at just 16 years old. He’s also a TV anchor, journalist, freelancer, blogger, and writer. He greatly values the teachings of Dr. Allama Mohammad Iqbal and aims to guide Pakistan towards progress. Safi shares his insights with leaders both nationally and internationally.

X (Twitter): 13.9+K Followers
Facebook: 4.2+M Followers
YouTube: 1.45+M Subscribers

5. Fahad Khan

Fahad Khan is a Pakistani motivational speaker, entrepreneur, and success coach. He’s known for inspiring individuals and groups to reach their fullest potential. As CEO of a Canada Prime Marketing Company, Khan leads by example. His speeches, including one at TEDx UET, aim to ignite passion and drive in young minds. He challenges his audience to lead meaningful lives and adopt positive mindsets. Khan’s vision is to transform lives, both personally and professionally, making him a respected figure in Pakistan’s entrepreneurial and coaching scene.

X (Twitter): No account found
Facebook: 69+K Followers
YouTube: 1.93+K Subscribers

6. Shaykh Atif Ahmed

Shaykh Atif Ahmed is a motivational speaker and a scholar of Islam at Mahad ul Quran in Karachi. He’s also the CEO of Al-Midrar Institute, where he teaches spiritual economics, science, and management principles.

Shaykh A. Ahmad has guided many students in finding their goals and honing their abilities. He aims to transform society by mentoring young people and broadening their viewpoints. His uplifting talks have motivated the youth, emphasizing that within spiritual boundaries, they can pursue anything in life without fear of failure.

X (Twitter): 264.7+K Followers
Facebook: 4.2+M Followers
YouTube: 200.9+K Subscribers

7. Salman Asif Siddiqui

Salman Asif Siddiqui is a Pakistani educator known for founding the Educational Resource Development Centre. With over two decades of experience, he’s a counselor, trainer, and motivational speaker. He’s written nearly 40 books and attended many events globally. He’s also been featured on TV shows. As an educational psychologist, he trains teachers and experts, conducting workshops worldwide. His work inspires people in Pakistan, the UAE, India, and the UK.

X (Twitter): 1.1+K Followers
Facebook: 273+K Followers
YouTube: 78.4+K Subscribers

8. Qaiser Abbas

Qaiser Abbas is a Pakistani motivational speaker, trainer, and psychologist who knows how to handle tough situations and reach goals. He also helps celebrities in movies and sports. He’s won awards for leadership and coaching, and he guides people to success. Companies worldwide trust his advice because he knows so much.

Abbas helps schools, businesses, and charities succeed. His books and media appearances inspire millions.

X (Twitter): 4+K Followers
Facebook: 111.7+K Followers
YouTube: 13.2+K Subscribers

9. Umair Jaliawala

Umair Jaliawal is a motivational speaker, trainer, consultant, and business owner who inspires his audience with fresh, new ideas in his talks. With a decade of experience, he mentors business people and offers public services worldwide. He also manages leadership development and advises on education. Jaliawal typically speaks on diversity, inclusion, and public speaking, guiding others to success.

X (Twitter): 13.1+K Followers
Facebook: 463.6+K Followers
YouTube: 23.6+K Subscribers

10. Sadaqat Ali

Sadaqat Ali, a renowned motivational speaker from Pakistan, was born in Lahore. He finished school at Government College Lahore, then went to Karachi to study more at DOW Medical College. In 1999, the World Health Organization (WHO) officially recognized him in their international directory of professionals. Sadaqat Ali is known for his expertise in psychiatry, his authorship of management and addiction-related books, and his role as a TV personality providing addiction counseling.

Website: No website found
X (Twitter): 654 Followers
Facebook: 19.3+K Followers
YouTube: 11.8+K Subscribers

11. Arif Siddiqui

Arif Siddiqui is a beloved figure in Pakistan, known for his inspiring talks and cultural influence. He’s a top motivational speaker who urges people to chase their dreams and achieve success. His words connect deeply with everyone, no matter their age, culture, or background. Let’s delve into what makes Arif Siddiqui such a hit among Pakistanis.

X (Twitter): 4.5+K Followers
Facebook: 289.8+K Followers
YouTube: 17.2+K Subscribers

12. Ahmed Ali Awan

Ali Ahmad Awan is a leading psychologist, relationship expert, marriage counselor, and motivational speaker. He’s also been a featured speaker at TEDx events. Awan began his career with TED Talks, emphasizing the power of sharing experiences and learning from mistakes to lead a fulfilling life.

Website: No website found
X (Twitter): 187.5+K Followers
Facebook: 1.1+M Followers
YouTube: 524+K Subscribers

13. Sarmad Tariq

Sarmad Tariq is a life coach, motivational speaker, and writer who aims to show people how they can reach their full potential. He helps others see the good in their limits, both in organizations and personally. Sarmad has worked with big companies like Novartis, Merck, and Procter & Gamble, as well as nonprofits like the Hashoo Foundation.

X (Twitter): 187.5+K Followers
Facebook: 1,120 Followers
YouTube: No channel found

14. Tanzeela Khan

Tanzeela Khan is a Pakistani motivational speaker and author. Despite being in a wheelchair, she empowers herself and others with disabilities. She advocates for disabled rights and inspires youth to embrace their flaws and pursue their passions. Khan is also dedicated to launching hygienic products for women’s health. Through her speeches, she boosts people’s confidence and enthusiasm to achieve their goals.

X (Twitter): 3.6+K Followers
Facebook: 625.6+K Followers
YouTube: 3.18+K Subscribers

15. Zaydan Khan

Zaydan Khan, from Quetta, is a Training and Development Manager at Aizan Development Foundation, which supports human rights. He’s also a motivational speaker who shares his journey to inspire youth. Zaydan represents various clothing brands in Pakistan as their brand ambassador.

X (Twitter): 1.4+K Followers
Facebook: 14.4+K Followers
YouTube: 1.18+K Subscribers

16. Shahid Ullah

Shahid Ullah is a motivational speaker from KPK, Pakistan. He earned his bachelor’s degree in BE-Electrical Engineering and has completed numerous certificate courses and training. He serves as a trainer and teacher in professional institutes and is recognized as one of the nation’s top motivational speakers, inspiring many with his words of encouragement and wisdom.

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X (Twitter): 58 Followers
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YouTube: 195 Subscribers


Who is the best motivational speaker in Pakistan?

It’s important to remember that the “best” motivational speaker is subjective and depends on your individual needs and preferences. Consider the areas you want to improve in and research speakers who specialize in those topics. If you’re searching for someone well-known, Qasim Ali Shah is a famous motivational speaker in Pakistan.

Looking for an Extra Dose of Motivation?

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By attending motivational speeches and learning from these inspiring individuals, you can equip yourself with the tools and mindset to overcome challenges, achieve your goals, and live a fulfilling life.

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